Paint Protection Films

Protect the paint of your car, boat or machinery with our transparent film application

Our premium paint protection film provides 24/7 protection for your cars, boats or other vehicles. Our film is fully transparent and will provide complete protection from chipping, minor scratches, bug residue, bird droppings, road tar and general UV environmental weathering.

By preserving your paints original gloss levels, our film will ensure your car remains an asset. The film makes cleaning your car or boat a breeze and will also ensure your vehicle retains a high resale value over the years. Our films are custom-made and cut to suit your car, boat or vehicle. This ensures you get the best possible finish and protection – one that is virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Given that our films can be cut to size, we can work with any vehicle you require. This includes cars, boats, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles and more. So come on down to our Auckland office today or enquire below for a free, competitive quote.